Latest JournalJournal winter 2019

The St John’s Journal is issued three to four times a year. Its purpose is to provide a vehicle of communication and to inform members of the St John’s congregation of news, initiatives, and events which are either pending or have recently occurred. It also imparts information on the wider outreaches of our church.

Each issue aims to include the stories of one or two members of the congregation. They give a brief synopsis of their lives so that membership of the church family can becomes much friendlier and more neighbourly. It is distributed to many past members of the St John’s family and as such provides a welcome link.

It also seeks to be a historical document recording baptisms, marriages and deaths within the congregation. Copies can be kept for the church archives.

The Journal has existed in its present form since 2006, with Rosemary Maclean as its editor and Bob Potter and David Maclean providing most of the photographs. Contributions to the Journal are always welcome and can be submitted to or directly to Rosemary.

Recent issues…